Friday, February 2, 2018

Hawaii Shapecation

Time for a quick trip out of town :) 
Katie and I got married a few weeks ago now and are heading over to stay in Hawaii for the end of the winter!  I'll be shaping while there between Kauai, Maui and Oahu, with a limit on the amount of orders I can take but there should be room for plenty of orders if we chat and get order details sorted out before early March.  I've already ordered a small pile of custom midlength blanks to Maui and will be doing most of my work there at my buddy Josh Weisfeld's (JAW Retro) shop.  If you are located in the Islands and are looking for a board and the timing is good for you, the timing is good for me so lets chat and hash out some details! 
I've been shaping doubletime the past few weeks here at home to get ahead of my orders, so any orders already placed and in my list will either be finished ahead of time or right on the estimated finish date from when your order was placed.  It's been a haul getting all this in place but I couldn't be more excited to take an extended voyage and see some friends and family around the islands with my newly minted wife!

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