Tuesday, October 28, 2008





For scale...

CTO's 5'1" x 23" x 3" Simmons inspired hull/stub/platter, I've really got no idea what to call it as I'd feel wrong calling it a Simmons Fish or Simmons anything? So for not its an inspired....hull/stub/platter!

This is the first one I've shaped; I had a blast with this thing, so many curves and transitions it'll make your head spin...kept me focused to say the least!
Can't wait to make more!


Le Vyusher said...

Need to blade the rails tho....

.....I kid, I kid.

Ryan said...

Saw RK in the water at the 'con over the winter on "THE" casper, had big 'ol boxy rails ;)
my hull-fish (the one you rode) has more bladed rails and thats the one feature i wish it didn't have for the waves I like to ride it in....very happy with this little....thing :)