Sunday, November 10, 2013


Well shoot!  It winds down again; One more shaping-travel season comes to a slow, just as waves pick up at home - odd, its amost like I planned it!  Its been a few years now and it just keeps getting better - four summer seasons now of growing new communities of friends and learning faces of new waves through europe, australia, and indonesia - and it isn't exactly getting old yet.  

In May I premiered Almost Cut My Hair at home and within days hit the road for five weeks of shaping through europe; home for two weeks and off to New Jersey I went to shape 25 boards in four days.  Home again for two more weeks then it was off to Bali to shape at Deus for three weeks...Home for three weeks and then on the road in Australia and hawaii for 5 weeks respectively to keep on the foam grind.  I honestly don't know how many boards I've shaped this summer, my planer has a few more miles on it and my passport gained a bunch of stamps again.    

I couldn't have designed a more ridiculous life path for myself, and if you'd asked years ago what you thought i'd be doing, this would have been nowhere near the realm of possibility.  A big thanks needs to go out to everyone who helps me on my adventures, and those who so fiendishly support my habits by ordering all these boards.  

So with that, I'll leave y'all with a pile of photos from the season, as I haven't posted much about it!

Stringerless Volan v.Bowls at Kirra

Spotted in Biarritz

Pre and post-bedroom addition on the bus during my time at home

Went to Biarritz

Deus colab logo by The Land Boys

Took herbie to Jersey with me!

Wore a headband in Italy

Ari Browne blowing up Byron Bay on the rabbitsfoot by Ryan Heywood

Rabbitsfoot built on the Gold Coast

the Voyage was spotted en-route on our way out of Sydney...shakaaaaaaaa!

Found some waves in Australia

v.Bottom during one of my two stints in New Jersey

Rode a motorcycle in Bali with Katie and some Texans

Made a board for my babe

Moved into a new house with 'da boys

Ryan Burch at Uluwatu

Throughull built for Nick who joined on for the trip to Bali

From my room in Max's house in Viterbo, Italy.

If you want to check out a super up-to-date feed of WTF I'm up to, check out my Instagram @ryanlovelace, also you can search for the #shapetasticvoyage2013 tag for the entire adventure in photos if you're ultra curious. 
I'm absolutely amping to get home and settle in for the wave season in the bus.  New projects are always on the horizon, don't worry...