Thursday, May 31, 2012


My main mang, Johnny McCann, ripping it up just a short while ago...I'm stoked that I captured this particular one, it made me quite happy to experience in the moment.  
If you're curious, check out his SoundCloud page for a pile of songs:

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

State of the Onion

Suffice to say blogging hasn't been my main focus lately, I apologize for not sharing a whole heck of a lot thats been going on in/around my shop/space the past few weeks...I realize this is a tragic and severe inconvenience for literally everyone in the world; So I feel like I should give a wee state of the union for those interested, because you KNOW its never dull around these parts!

As most have noticed, the Kickstarter project wasn't successful; hey, it happens.  Its a bummer that I couldn't secure enough backing to get the project off the ground yet.  I would still love to be able to go through with the boards and show idea this coming fall as planned, but the idea is going to have to take a back seat while I sort a few other things through for the summer...There is a time and a place for everything, but...

In just about 5 days I'm headed off the New Jersey to see the ever-stoking Phil Browne at Glide Surf Co. and to shape him a handful of boards.  From there I'll head to Rome for a few days to make some new friends, talk shop and see a few sights I haven't visited since my first and only venture to Italy 10 years ago.  From there its on to Biarritz, France to hang out with JB and Clovis Donizetti in and around Wallako Surf Shop; they have a habit of stocking PILES of my boards every year when I visit, and this year is looking to be a really fun one with the guys.  After a few weeks of shaping there I'll head to Belgium to meet up with Angelo at Flow & Soul Surfboards; Angelo and I met in Australia two years ago and spent a bit of time together there again this year, as well as when I was in france last summer...He's an ever evolving shaper with more stoke and focus than most that I've met, it will no doubt be a fun visit to his shop to experiment with a few ideas and see what we can't come up with together this time in his home town.

The post below this entry does a little bit of nodding towards the biggest thing thats hit my life in quite a while...I acquired a rather special [huge] project.  She's a 1948 Chevy Bus, carrying an early 60's VW bus atop, and is in my view the perfect vessel to inspire and house Herbie and myself...Making what I think is a very interesting little trio of mongrels.  I have some major plans for it in terms of renovation and adventures, but I'm seeing many of them as projects that will last either through the entire summer, and some, my entire lifetime.  I don't see myself letting go of this beauty, I saw it for sale here in Santa Barbara while I was in Australia over a month ago and have been obsessing over it since...A few days ago I bought it and I've been trying to grasp exactly what I've done, here.  I'm filled with joy and wonderment every time I set my eyes upon her.  I can see the end product and that single vision will carry us trough the journey that we'll embark upon when I put my grinder to it for the first time.

So long story longer, a few days ago I turned 26 and turned another year older in my shaping career.  I'm about to go for my third yearly shaping tour of Europe and I'm buried in inspiring projects.  The surfboards coming from those inspirations are blowing my mind.  Never have I felt so close to each board that has gone through my hands as in the past two months.  Since summer has hit and the swell season in town has slowed, it's put a little mellow on the volume going through my doors allowing me to spend some really quality time with the boards and pull off some really interesting detailing that can feel like a drag when there's 20 other boards waiting in line.

With the European leg of summer finished by early July, I'll be back stateside for a couple of months until early September when I plan to head over to Bali to visit and shape with the fellows at Deus ex Machina, which will surely be an adventure for the ages.  All I have to do is work around September 28th, when I'm going to geek out and see Crosby Stills & Nash jam out at the SB Bowl...That oughtta round out what feels like a rather surreal summer!

In the now-time though, there's been a rather cool little write-up on my work and adventures on KCET, written by Ethan Stewart:

My deepest and most humble thanks to everyone who allows me to follow my passions with vigor and sometimes a little reckless abandon.  It is a complete privilege to provide interesting and curious people with crafts that they find their own inspiration in...What a wild ride you guys allow me!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Our First Time

Home sweet home!!!!

She'll be an ongoing project with many iterations I'm sure, progress will be patient and elbow-greasy for sure...I can't wait to dig in!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A humble request and a not so humble carve

Thank you guys so much for all of the pledges and the encouragement during the fundraiser; we're in the final 3 days now and the project has a healthy beating heart with over 100 backers and I'd love to get the funding to build the body to make it get up and run so share it as much as you can and lets finish this thing off right!  

Please share the link with anyone and everyone, its a good cause and spamming people is a-ok when it's not please, help me spam the internet and get the project out of my head and into foam, the art gallery, and finally into the hands of the very capable people at Save Naples!

Just copy and paste this link and bingo bango, you've helped out!

and just for's one helpful an environmentally active Chadd Konig laying one down in the Indian Ocean on a 5'4 t.Rev quad.

Yew of the week!

From SB Surfrider:


The battle to SAVE NAPLES is not over but the Coalition scored a victory with the Board of Supervisors Tuesday. The potential new developer did not submit enough information to determine that they were financially able to commit to this project. Supervisors voted, 3 to 2, NOT to grant their consent to the transfer of rights under the Development Agreement, chosing not to go down a road which might compromise the County and lead to the next attempt to pave the Gaviota Coast. The net outcome remains that the transfer may proceed if the potential new developers decide to purchase the property, however that remains an open question. These potential new developers have never successfully processed a development in Santa Barbara or in California's coastal zone. Their development experience has been mostly in Las Vegas, Dallas and Wyoming.  They may be gaining an appreciation for the magnitude of the obstacles they will face in attempting development on the Gaviota Coast.  Salud Carbajal told developers that the Gaviota Coast is our Yosemite and we are very protective of its natural beauty. For over ten years, Naples Coalition and SB Surfrider Foundation with the Environmental Defense Center legal support has fought to keep this coast clear. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

SB Indy

Ethan Stewart wrote up a great little piece for the SB Independent, give it a read at:

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Last Week!

Hey Kids and Kidettes!

Its the last week of my Kickstarter project. Support has been unreal and enthusiasm has been through the roof since day one, so if you've been waiting to pitch in like many others, this is the week to do it!
If you pledge and we don't reach our goal, you don't get charged a penny, and if it does succeed then we all know what that means...time to make some big changes!

I can't stress how important this is to me and what it could do as a community event for Santa Barbara, to have the opportunity to put on this show and educate people on what I've been up to for years now in my little tiny shop and to show everyone how amazing environmentally friendly boards can be...THEN to give away a pile of money, hopefully exceeding what I raise with amazing would that be!??!

And you know what?  None of this will even happen unless this step of the project is successful, I have complete faith in the ability to raise the money but there is a long ways to go; These projects always have a major spike in the last remaining days and ya know what?  THEY'RE HERE!

If you've been waiting to donate or send it off to a friend who you think would be stoked on the project, today is the day!!

Either send them to the kickstarter page at , or .

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Shot to the Heart

Coverboy Trevor Gordon, doin' it all over Surf Portugal representing the resin dot HARD!

Shot by AVG somewhere in the india ocean.

Monday, May 14, 2012


The clock is winding down and that means were coming up on the final push to the end of my Kickstarter project!

This is a big opportunity to make a lot of change, educate a lot of curious people, and produce A LOT of great things including a pile of money for a great cause; and what's better is that if you donate, YOU get something in return on top of the knowledge that you supported a worthy project!

Spread the word and help me out even if you can't pitch in; there have been pledges from $1 all the way to $2,000 (!!!) and EVERYTHING is appreciated beyond belief. This is an amazing opportunity to create a lot of momentum in many different directions and the more people that know about this, the more people will pitch in for the final kick to the end on the 25th!

Like it, share it, post it, email it, talk about it, yell it, nothing is too big or too small!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


(photo: Swanson)

I love my little dude.  Herbie is lookin' pretty fly these days and only ripening more...

"He is — like all smart surfers — a big fan of offshore winds, his nose finely tuned to sniff and then celebrate even the slightest of offshore flows. (Seriously, Herbie actually sniffs offshore winds and then freaks out with happiness. He ignores onshores and has total disgust for southerly breezes.) “He is my little dude,” says Lovelace. “I’m not sure if he follows me or I follow him, but we are always together … He is the only thing I would ever give up surfing for.”

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Monday, May 7, 2012

Ryan Burch brought some recent creations and collaborations by the shop a bit ago, above are a Rich Pavel gun (yellow) and one of his own creation (orange/white).  Below, scoping the rough shape of a board we did together for the boys here in town; a 5'3 version of his Sledgehammer: 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Like Whoa

Epic hair day with funkadelic asymm fish. 
Photo | Alex Swanson

Thursday, May 3, 2012



This week I've been working on a new spoon mold to add to my quiver.  This one will make 3 to work from.  One original Velo (the red one above came from that one), one smaller velo (the new one, based off of the two spoons I made in Oz) and the Edge Board...Stackin' them deep!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012



Hey everyone!
I wanted to post a short update to fill you all in on some pretty awesome news that's been flowing since the launch of the project.
First off, I've been getting flooded with emails from other shapers, artists, photographers, even clothing designers who all want to help pitch and collaborate for the art show/benefit. That means that not only are people reeeeally excited at the prospect of what could be; but also that the show could end up raising a LOT more money for Save Naples in the end. Very, very cool, and very encouraging!
Secondly, the first week of the fundraiser has been awesome, and it's spurred on some really cool press for the project, my business, the eco-materials and Save Naples' cause. All of this means that I'm a really happy camper, and I'm only getting more excited for the outcome!
I'm asking everyone's help in spreading the word as much as you can about the project. There are so many encouraging things mounting on this that I feel even more strongly now than the past number of months I spent building the campaign. I do know that Kickstarter campaigns tend to rally and gain lots of funding in the last few hours of their lifespan and usually tip the scales at that point, but I'm encouraging everyone to reach out to anyone and everyone who could be interested and who could also help spread the word even if they can't donate right now; This project has the ability to make some really big changes in what I do, and create some really cool community momentum towards a really important goal!
Thank you all so much for the support so early on, just a few days in and we're already 25% there!  I'm blown away by the help and can't wait to see it all progress and come to life!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dynamic Equilibrium

6'8" Shrunken Sherbert variation For Mike McCrary...Mike is one of those magical customers that somehow always gets the most radical boards; this time he told me to ponder over his next board while I was in Oz, and make it when I get back...I shrank the 8'2 Sherbert that I shaped a few months ago and this is what came out!  The bottom shape is pretty mellow; turned up in the nose and a wide double concave running out through the fins (I didn't go full bonzer bottom on this one, just utilized the fins to add some grip and drive through meaty turns).  The rails are pretty full but hard down, with lots of edge in the tail...  I even got to have some fun with the colors, too ;)  

Like I said...I've been having fun with my resin panels the past few weeks!