Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dynamic Equilibrium

6'8" Shrunken Sherbert variation For Mike McCrary...Mike is one of those magical customers that somehow always gets the most radical boards; this time he told me to ponder over his next board while I was in Oz, and make it when I get back...I shrank the 8'2 Sherbert that I shaped a few months ago and this is what came out!  The bottom shape is pretty mellow; turned up in the nose and a wide double concave running out through the fins (I didn't go full bonzer bottom on this one, just utilized the fins to add some grip and drive through meaty turns).  The rails are pretty full but hard down, with lots of edge in the tail...  I even got to have some fun with the colors, too ;)  

Like I said...I've been having fun with my resin panels the past few weeks!

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lg said...

ahhh! really beautiful man!