Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A humble request and a not so humble carve

Thank you guys so much for all of the pledges and the encouragement during the fundraiser; we're in the final 3 days now and the project has a healthy beating heart with over 100 backers and I'd love to get the funding to build the body to make it get up and run so share it as much as you can and lets finish this thing off right!  

Please share the link with anyone and everyone, its a good cause and spamming people is a-ok when it's not bs...so please, help me spam the internet and get the project out of my head and into foam, the art gallery, and finally into the hands of the very capable people at Save Naples!

Just copy and paste this link and bingo bango, you've helped out!

and just for kicks...here's one helpful an environmentally active Chadd Konig laying one down in the Indian Ocean on a 5'4 t.Rev quad.

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