Tuesday, May 29, 2012

State of the Onion

Suffice to say blogging hasn't been my main focus lately, I apologize for not sharing a whole heck of a lot thats been going on in/around my shop/space the past few weeks...I realize this is a tragic and severe inconvenience for literally everyone in the world; So I feel like I should give a wee state of the union for those interested, because you KNOW its never dull around these parts!

As most have noticed, the Kickstarter project wasn't successful; hey, it happens.  Its a bummer that I couldn't secure enough backing to get the project off the ground yet.  I would still love to be able to go through with the boards and show idea this coming fall as planned, but the idea is going to have to take a back seat while I sort a few other things through for the summer...There is a time and a place for everything, but...

In just about 5 days I'm headed off the New Jersey to see the ever-stoking Phil Browne at Glide Surf Co. and to shape him a handful of boards.  From there I'll head to Rome for a few days to make some new friends, talk shop and see a few sights I haven't visited since my first and only venture to Italy 10 years ago.  From there its on to Biarritz, France to hang out with JB and Clovis Donizetti in and around Wallako Surf Shop; they have a habit of stocking PILES of my boards every year when I visit, and this year is looking to be a really fun one with the guys.  After a few weeks of shaping there I'll head to Belgium to meet up with Angelo at Flow & Soul Surfboards; Angelo and I met in Australia two years ago and spent a bit of time together there again this year, as well as when I was in france last summer...He's an ever evolving shaper with more stoke and focus than most that I've met, it will no doubt be a fun visit to his shop to experiment with a few ideas and see what we can't come up with together this time in his home town.

The post below this entry does a little bit of nodding towards the biggest thing thats hit my life in quite a while...I acquired a rather special [huge] project.  She's a 1948 Chevy Bus, carrying an early 60's VW bus atop, and is in my view the perfect vessel to inspire and house Herbie and myself...Making what I think is a very interesting little trio of mongrels.  I have some major plans for it in terms of renovation and adventures, but I'm seeing many of them as projects that will last either through the entire summer, and some, my entire lifetime.  I don't see myself letting go of this beauty, I saw it for sale here in Santa Barbara while I was in Australia over a month ago and have been obsessing over it since...A few days ago I bought it and I've been trying to grasp exactly what I've done, here.  I'm filled with joy and wonderment every time I set my eyes upon her.  I can see the end product and that single vision will carry us trough the journey that we'll embark upon when I put my grinder to it for the first time.

So long story longer, a few days ago I turned 26 and turned another year older in my shaping career.  I'm about to go for my third yearly shaping tour of Europe and I'm buried in inspiring projects.  The surfboards coming from those inspirations are blowing my mind.  Never have I felt so close to each board that has gone through my hands as in the past two months.  Since summer has hit and the swell season in town has slowed, it's put a little mellow on the volume going through my doors allowing me to spend some really quality time with the boards and pull off some really interesting detailing that can feel like a drag when there's 20 other boards waiting in line.

With the European leg of summer finished by early July, I'll be back stateside for a couple of months until early September when I plan to head over to Bali to visit and shape with the fellows at Deus ex Machina, which will surely be an adventure for the ages.  All I have to do is work around September 28th, when I'm going to geek out and see Crosby Stills & Nash jam out at the SB Bowl...That oughtta round out what feels like a rather surreal summer!

In the now-time though, there's been a rather cool little write-up on my work and adventures on KCET, written by Ethan Stewart:

My deepest and most humble thanks to everyone who allows me to follow my passions with vigor and sometimes a little reckless abandon.  It is a complete privilege to provide interesting and curious people with crafts that they find their own inspiration in...What a wild ride you guys allow me!


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