Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Hey everyone!
I wanted to post a short update to fill you all in on some pretty awesome news that's been flowing since the launch of the project.
First off, I've been getting flooded with emails from other shapers, artists, photographers, even clothing designers who all want to help pitch and collaborate for the art show/benefit. That means that not only are people reeeeally excited at the prospect of what could be; but also that the show could end up raising a LOT more money for Save Naples in the end. Very, very cool, and very encouraging!
Secondly, the first week of the fundraiser has been awesome, and it's spurred on some really cool press for the project, my business, the eco-materials and Save Naples' cause. All of this means that I'm a really happy camper, and I'm only getting more excited for the outcome!
I'm asking everyone's help in spreading the word as much as you can about the project. There are so many encouraging things mounting on this that I feel even more strongly now than the past number of months I spent building the campaign. I do know that Kickstarter campaigns tend to rally and gain lots of funding in the last few hours of their lifespan and usually tip the scales at that point, but I'm encouraging everyone to reach out to anyone and everyone who could be interested and who could also help spread the word even if they can't donate right now; This project has the ability to make some really big changes in what I do, and create some really cool community momentum towards a really important goal!
Thank you all so much for the support so early on, just a few days in and we're already 25% there!  I'm blown away by the help and can't wait to see it all progress and come to life!

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