Friday, September 10, 2010


Wavegliders....Nico and Carlos.
f*ing unreal work.

So much love for these guys its stupid, they did an incredible job glassing all of my shapes and showed me so much hospitality. They're the first people i've really trusted to handle my glassing and they surely didn't disappoint!

If you're a shaper and you get an email from Rui at Magic Quiver, just say yes.


burn1nat0r said...

That is possibly the most epic resin swirl I have seen...

Rui said...

It's Nico and Carlos that deserve all your nice words. Like you said, the did an incredible work. Some of those boards are way beyond my expectations.
You can fully trust them to finish your boards. They do it with the heart, not for the money. Can't go wrong like that.

Ryan said...

the second i saw the factory i knew it would be a good match!
can't wait to go back even just to visit everyone!