Friday, March 18, 2011

Some Kind Of

@ Byron Bay last week...

So the sun has set on my Ozsault.

Connor has stayed behind in Noosa to dip his wick a bit more in their warm waters and bask in the more than palpable air of love and prosperity; Miles is still down under as well; however I have returned to Herbie and a buttload of emails to return, if I'm slow I apologize, I'm doin my best to get back to you all in the next day :)

I can't even begin to express my gratitude for everyone who I met along the journey, I knew leaving that it would be something to remember, but I had no idea it would affect me as deeply as it has. The amount of support that i ran across daily all over the coast from travelers, shapers, artists, surfers and blog followers blew my mind.

It's one thing to see that hundreds of people per day are on this thing but to meet them 100% by chance in a totally foreign place on mysterious beaches has really tripped me out. To put faces to what used to be numbers is a very humbling experience and I'm filled with gratitude and appreciation for everyone who continues to support what I do, even if its just flash on my blog once or twice a week!

I'm feeling like I have a new direction in life and everyone that we happened upon along the way has played a large part in it, so thank you. from the bottom of my heart, thank you.



The Magic Bus said...

That made my nose prickle with emotion a bit! You write so well. What you said, is exactly how I felt upon returning from Cali. I'm glad you had an amazing time and I hope you keep going forward, achieving everything you desire and most certainly deserve. Kind regards to Herbie : )

Ryan said...

can't wait for your return back here, we've got lots to catch up on!
plenty of projects to stay busy with in my head right about now!