Thursday, November 17, 2011

Trevor and the ThrougHull

A small edit I did with some Michael Kew footage of Trevor Gordon grooving around on the througHull! Trevor lays down some beautiful cutbacks in this one (in this video it's ridden as a singlefin, by the way).

I highly suggest watching them a few times over to actually get something out of this short clip (if you're searching for higher understanding of surfboard/surfer application). You'll be able to tell what makes this board so different from a normal 'hull'. It's still got all kinds of down the line speed but that cutback is unmistakably more user friendly while at the same time projecting through the second half of the cutback where more traditional hulls just don't cut it:


...Had enough videos yet? If not I've got a good pile by now in my vimeo uploads of all kinds of surf goodness:

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