Friday, April 20, 2012

The Latest

Oh man, where to start!?
I've been back in the shop full time this week, working out some new ideas that impregnated my brain while in Australia.  I've shaped 5 boards in the past few days that I'm really pleased with, including a plug for a new spoon mold thats a bit smaller than the old one and more refined; suffice to say I'll be poppin' out some sweet little flex spoons when the mold is done...frothing!

In the meantime, here is Nico's spoon that I built with him in Byron Bay.  I stayed at Nico's for 2 weeks so we made the best of our time and used his back yard to do the majority of the work on the board while we weren't surfing.

I didn't forsee building a spoon so I didn't bring the template with me; I put this one together using the Greenough/Wildnerness stubby template I've been shaping the SB Stub from.  With hardly any tweaks it laid out into a perfect spoon template; from 6'7 down to 5', the curves matched up really cleanly...It showed me very clearly how direct Greenough's influence was being used in surfboard evolution at the time.  Pretty flippin' cool!

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proneman said...

Did you see GG while in Byron?
How much you reckon you owe him in royalties?