Monday, June 2, 2014

The Top of My Wishlist

One of Gene's boards ------>
Since I was first introduced to single fin longboards, Gene's have been number one on my lust list.


First Light Surf Company said...

good idea ryan...
i just picked up a
7.10 speedhull with the bulletfin..
from a friend...a ride,
and amazing look at the the rails,, etc
form and function,etc

hulldriver said...

Gene's boards are works of art, iv'e had four of them and the old school feel was all through my boards. We went to high school together in West San Fernando Valley, and despite being "Val's" we surfed well and produced one of the top shapers in the world,that would be Gene by the way, I have no intention of inflicting my creations on the surfing world, that's your job guys.