Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I've been pondering this board for a while now, and FINALLY it's ready to go.
The pink stringerless blank sat in my shaping room for a good two months or so because the color wasn't QUITE what I had in mind...I was hoping for a dark red, when I got a pink 7'3 blank, I was a little put off.
It sat and sat, until I decided I had to do it before the AB3. Once I decided that a twin finned hull is a good thing (its a GREAT thing), it was a go.
I wanted to hide as much of the color as I could, without detracting from the stringerless-ness of it (its always nice to see it). I ended up doing an unside down opaque deck with a SUPER dark brown, then left the bottom clear.

The pinlines are the product of frustration...I had planned on doing a billion curves over the whole bottom, but once I layed down the initial curves I decided that I didn't much care for them. The tape was all pulled off the board and I was back at step I thought of the most simple, dead-straight pinlines that I could do, while keeping it classy and not looking like a fruity jail cell.
What came out looks like a very expensive candy bar.

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