Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Welp, Its not very usual that I have stock boards for sale, but seeing as how the AB3 is this weekend, I've whipped a few up.
There will be:

6'3 b5 (chippy shape, used)
5'9 stringerless bonzerfish (color, polish + pinline)
5'7 SBq (clear/polish w/pinlines and glasson quad)
6'0 SDq (pigmented deck and bottom, polished + pinlined)
5'7 Carbon Railed SDq (used)
6'5 Winged Swallow Singlefin (clear sanded finish)

I think thats what I've got at the moment, a few will be used after the weekend, but they are all brand new at the moment except the carbon quad + the b5.
shoot me an email if you're interested, or even better, come ride one and see if you like it this weekend at Cardiff!

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