Friday, January 2, 2009

What Goes Around Comes Around

Just over a year ago I took an idea in my head and put it to foam and created this beast...a 5'10 SDq with paulownia and cork rails.
This was my first adventure with paulownia wood, little did I know I'd be waist deep in it 12 months down the road!

From the moment I picked up the first stick, I knew there was something special about the stuff; extremely fast growth rate, very light, and it has the most incredible flex to it...

So long story short(er), I built this board in an effort to jump on the parabolic stringer bandwagon but at the same time do it my own way with a different thought process and build the same time I wanted to keep with the flextail dynamic that was (and very much still is) being played with; so the rail build up was tapered out to the first wing, leaving the back of the board stringerless and providing a progressive softening to that point.

The board was built as a demo and was sent south when it was finished, it traded a few hands before an impromptu flight over the pacific to a more permanent testing ground, with a fellow named Brent to Oahu...

Brent put her through the paces and rode the board all over the island from Rocky Point to Ala Moana Bowls and sent back the feedback I was hoping for...he was stoked beyond belief!

So a year later, this morning, Brent pulled up to my shop in his friends truck (after flying in from the islands recently) and returned the 5'10...

This morning I handed off the board to Kyle for some testing as I'm interested to hear a lighter surfer's perspective on the stringer system; Bryan's Barrel Hunter is the second generation of this experiment, I can't wait to get some more feedback!!!
I'll leave you all with a photo of Brent on the NS with the magic little 5'10:

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