Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm Coming up

I am now a fine art collector/owner.

via my buddy Albers.


El Hefe said...

good shitty mustache

LightGnar said...

damn jeff. youre heavy.

Bogus said...

the PC logo with the meth'd squid is awesome.

use that for whenever you make a board for someone in Santa Maria.

the dirtiest hippy said...

Jeff your roommates with Robyn!


El Hefe said...

Hi Gilda. It's been a big fun day for me on the innerweb. Small world. We were talkin about you tonight. We'll need to have a housewarmin party real soon.

Ryan said...

the magic workings of the interweb...where everyone knows everyone :)

AnthonyS said...

Hey, have been watching your blog for a little while and like your work. I also shape boards here and there, more of a back yard when I have time and money thing. I have been interested in the "hull" idea for sometime now and am thinking about building one. I live in FL though and was wondering what you thought about hulls and beachbreak conditions. Do you think it would be worth it to shape one or should I go for something different? Also I would love to see some more pics of the different features of your hulls, ie curves etc. Thanks

El Hefe said...

Ryan, peep the motor bikes on Stoney mang. Looks like some fun.

Ryan said...

hey Anthony!
I really enjoy hulls in beachbreak waves, i used to make them a bit thicker in the rails for beachies but lately the EXTRA bladed hulls are going mental in everything, seems like they hook up faster in a beachbreak and make quicker use of the wave's energy...if that makes sense!
also, the bladier they are, the better they go in the tube, and the cleaner the line they draw in general.
shoot me an email at ryan@pointconceptsurf. com and ill chat you up about them and send you a template or two if you want.