Thursday, February 12, 2009


Years ago I met Nari and Takeshi in the water on an ultra fun day in montecito, the session was magic and we all had a great time sharing waves and broken english; our most in depth communication was through wave riding and sharing boards.

The first year I met these two guys was the first year that I started shaping boards, ever since then we have somehow all crossed paths in the water once or twice a year, each year they've gotten to see the latest of my boards and my experiments...Nari flys in from Japan every winter for a week or two and somehow we always run into each other in the water.

Yesterday morning as I was leaving the lower Rincon parking lot after a surf with Jonny and Lalo, I saw the dynamic duo pull up for the first time this year. Nari had just flown in that day, and they had their same two old logs in the back of the truck, just like last year, and the year before, and the year before that, and the year before that!

I had given my phone number to Takeshi last winter, so I told them to call me and come stop by the shop to hang out and chat for once outside the lineup...
Nari came out today with a few of his friends who flew here with him for the week, so I gave them the grand tour of the lesser seen side of SB and my shaping room, then took them to the glass shop to show them some interesting orders which are all about half way done at the moment.

Needless to say it was really really cool to hang out with some old friends, and show them the progress that has been made since we first met!

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Le Vyusher said...

How stoked were they? I'd be trippin if some local gave me the grand tour. Yosh.