Friday, May 22, 2009


My blogging and contact-ability or lack there of has been sub-par lately, I've noticed too, and i apologize! 

BECAUSE; I've been mowing copious amounts of foam daily, then following that nice feeling with a light drip-bath in multi-colored backlog of boards is finally beginning to feel like less of a task as each board gets closer; this week will see a 5'7 fish, a 6'5 OG hull (story on that later!), a 7'6 She, a 6'1 winged pin, aaaaaand a 7' Hullibut...and that's all in the past three days...many more hulls and oddities to come after those as well!

Also, on the night of April 1st, Raph and I will be having a Timberline show opening at a lounge/restaurant/bar here in town called Roy; it'll be swanky I'm sure...I'll put up more info on that one soon.

In other news, my shaping anniversary/birthday is coming up on sunday, I'll be heading down to malibu with some hulls, some friends, and some snacks...come one come all; we will be eating opossums all day long.  


Worm said...

i love opossums.

warm jet said...

i got a fresh one today. see blog.
not much flesh but still good eatin'.