Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Okay...so they don't look that pretty to the untrained eye...But spend a few hours in the shaping room with one of these and you'll figure out pretty quickly that there is no flat point in the whole board; every curve blends into the next, twisting and sinking around the whole of it.  

All of the curves make for a very very interesting a (to me) beautiful shape.

This one in particular is a 5'5" for Nick M.
also check out:
and his Twin
...some people have a knack for ordering really, really neat boards.


jhall said...

step deck sim flex velo?

Retro hack said...

The first few Simmons type planing hulls I shaped taught me a lot amount blending curves, I can do a longboard in two hours, a 6'0" Twin planing hull takes 4 at at least.
Sweet deck!

Perfect Trim said...

Ryan...another beautiful board mate. Get in touch we're gagging for some PC boards over here...Tim