Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August's Dealio - the Velosim

Once again...a board of the month for anyone interested!

Figure i'd choose the velosim for this month since i've been getting a lot of questions and a whole lot of good feedback lately from them.

Sized between 4'11 and 6' (for the big boys), they're full of volume and curves...I use a lighter belly/hull in the nose with a more relaxed rocker, and transition to a tri-plane bottom w/a single concave from between the feet through the tail.  My template is a wee bit curvier in the tail end as well, taking a little bit of the blockiness out of the back end.

$500 w/marine ply glassons, $470 with lokboxes for the month of august, turnaround is aboot 6 weeks at the moment...shoot me an email and we'll get sizing nailed down :)



warm jet said...

be nice to see some full detail shots of yer 'velo sim'?
are you using eps?
are these acting like planing hulls or
is it easy to bury rails?

BeanCountingSurfer said...

Oh man... I'm a board sale short!

Sweet boards, Ryan. I'll be contacting you when I have the money to buy one.

Ryan said...

using Ice9 for everything, 6 bottom 6 deck w/a patch if ya want one. they're skatey and pretty dang loose when you get your feet over the tail...ride it more like a fish than a hull.

Nigel S. Peppercock said...

Doesn't hold a candle to the orange dream machine.

erik said...

Do you make this as a single fin?