Monday, August 24, 2009


Hey all you cool guys and gals!

Some of you are already well aware, but, for those of you who haven't found it yet; There is now a Point Concept Surfboards Facebook page for you to talk about how dreamy Edward Cullen is, and discuss your favorite Highschool Musical tunes, or Hannah Montana's latest adventures (does she have adventures? i don't even know...but i digress).

other topics of interest may include something funny that your dog did today, did he/she make a funny face?  That could happen...then you could discuss it openly on the new facebook page, and not feel weird about it, because we're all understanding people.

Hey, as long as it brightened your day, it's all good...or maybe you wanna post a review of a board of mine, there should be a few out there these days, but thats up to you; either way, looky looky:

or go to and type Point Concept Surfboards into the search thingymajigger!