Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gull - Dreadnought - Keel - Velosim - FOR SALE

Hey kids!
I've got a few boards for sale, check 'em out:

6'3 Gull, 6'9" Dreadnought, 5'5 Keel fishy w/bamboo lokbox fins, 5'5 Velosim w/burly maple glassons.
Ice9 foam, sanded finish.  $550 each, w/fins...less than a custom right now, so shoot me an email for more pics, there are photos of each of these boards on my website ( under their respective sections.



Le Vyusher said...

That's a nice Socal quiver. Just waiting on my winning ticket.

Crshbrn84 said...

maybe on the dreadnought I have to see how much money I am going to have

Ryan said...

of course; just shoot me an email when you know or if you have any questions!


how much for a shipping in france ?

Ryan said...

ill check in and get a quote with the cargo company, email me your address/area so I can get an accurate quote for you :)