Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wetsuit Review...Nineplus

Just got my new wetsuit in the mail the other day...the new version of my favorite-ever Nineplus 3/2 fullsuit.  The thing got shipped from the UK and was here in less than 5 days...beyond happy with that alone; then i used it...

...i kept thinking that i peed in it 'cause i was so warm, but i KNOW i didn't, i was just that roasty toasty.  the thing is a frickin ninja suit, extra light and stretches more than i would ever need it to.  the rubber (yamamoto) is frikkin' insane.  btw the session i speak of was a cold/overcast/fogbanky eve a few days ago at sundown...def. not a bright sunny trunk-wearing day. 

cheaper than a chinese made corpo-brand suit, and a good pound ++ lighter dry...prob. about 2 lbs + lighter in the water/in use...I'm trying to stop blabbing, but i don't understand why people don't wear more of these, they blow my mind every time i surf, so do me a favor and look them up and seriously consider it next time you're in the market.
I haven't thought about getting a day job in a long long time, but i'd totally rep. for these guys 'cause they're




oh. and. they make you look 10 pounds lighter.....see, look how small the glider looks:


Bogus said...

i'll stick with my Aleeda, athankyou.

sdcmass said...

After a month now are you still lovin' that Nineplus wetsuit? BTW did you buy a 3/2?

fiberflex said...

you got really lucky. i ordered mine (and payed for it) last september and am still waiting for them to deliver it. i had an 08' but returned it before i ever used it because of all the horror stories about them ripping and coming unravelled at the seams.the 09's were supposed to be better and i really want a 3mm shorty so i waited, and waited, and still hasn't arrived and the surfshop i ordered it from says they have only received a few wetsuits from 9+ all winter despite being reassured that there are more coming. it will start to warm up here soon, it has been 6 months after all. how good is a wetsuit you can't get?

Outdoor said...

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ed tree said...

Nine plus wetsuits are gr8. I have the long john and had the neoprene short sleeve vest but it was stolen.
the unravelling story came prob came from their competitors. Fibreflex, things do get lost in the mail m8. Contact them, they are good guys and will prob work something out, more effective than whinging about it on some blog eh.

fiberflex said...

who's whining, bro...? i'm stating facts (that are very contrary to the gratuitous ad for nine plus that starts this thread). i did contact them (tried to, sent 3 emails to the adress on their site). they never responded to a single email. try that with any other wetsuit mfr...
after 9 months of no wetsuit (not lost-just never sent) i finally got reimbursed by the surf shop who sold me the wetsuit with apologies. i don't know anyone who has actually gotten a nine plus wetsuit since then so i guess they went out of business. did you work for them? is that why you are busting my balls for telling the truth? sorry about your job....

OceanAir said...

I purchased a 3mm Long John about a month ago and could not be happier. Perfect suit for summer in SoCal where the water rarely makes it above 68 degrees. These guys know what they are doing but you do have to be careful taking the suit on and off. A fingernail or pulling too hard on the rubber in small areas can cause it tear. This a suit that needs excellent care. Nonetheless, I'm stoked on the suit and might purchase a 3/2 full suit this winter.

Dan Streeter said...

Hi Ryan, nice blog & hi to all the commenters.

My name is Dan and I DO work for Nineplus here in the UK HQ. I was just doing a quick browse around the net and found this review on one of our older suits so thought I'd just say Hi and see if I can get in touch with Fiberflex to find out what went wrong with his suit and the shop he bought it from. We had a few 'problems' with a few shops in the US in 2009 so I'd hate for his view on us as a brand to be tarnished due to one of our 'problematic' stockists.

Anyway, all the best everyone and as always if there is anything you need - get in touch.

Dan Streeter
Nineplus UK

xcelfromnow said...

All I have to say is...
Nineplus you are a Ninenegative
Stay away from this wannabe Matuse wetsuit company...
They are not sure which side of the globe they are located, and their customer service is indicative of that.
Totally bad experience with my wetsuit purchase/return, which by the way was the worse wetsuit I have ever bought. I was promised a newer, better fitting wetsuit, but they didnt come thru with that.
I feel lucky I even got a refund, although they promised to pay return shipping & didnt.
Took about a month to get this whole wetsuit disaster taken care.
I will stick with my Xcel...

Robert Wedner said...

I hate to say it but I have had a few Excel wetsuits and thought they were the bomb. Sorry to say the last Excel Drylock has been complete junk, falling apart on me after a few months. The top by the shoulder ripped, the glue that holds the neoprene to the zipper has come apart cuffs falling apart. I don't think I will ever by Excel as long as Billabong owns them. Went surfing this morning saw a guy wearing a Nineplus full suit. I asked if he was wearing a 3/2 or a 3/4 in 56 degree water and how he liked the suit. He said it is the best suit he has owned so far but has had for only 2 months so far. I still not sure what suit I am going to replace the Excel but I am considering Nineplus. Bonus is that my local surf shop stocks the Nineplus (Frog House) In Newport Beach, Ca.

Brett said...

I've had a terrible experience with Nineplus. The way they conduct "business" is criminal-like.

They didn't ship my wettie for 9 weeks. I sent multiple emails, which were never answered. I finally cancelled the charge on my card and emailed Nineplus to tell them I'd done so. They FINALLY responded to me saying they'd send the wettie and give me 50% off. I agreed. It's been another 9 weeks and no discount.

Also, the legs on the wettie (it's a steamer) are very short and the construction seems fragile.

Richard Balding said...

Hi Brett and everyone else who need to know. My name is Richard and I run own the Nineplus business, have done since day 1 which was in 1996 (18yrs ago this year) and a long time before the 'wanttobe' comments. We chose to go it alone away from the huge Sheico corporation that makes 90% of the worlds wetsuits and that has meant learning everything from the ground up. Any problems you have mail me on and I will make it good or involve someone who can. Yes we have had issues over those 18 years and we have got through them. I don't know any wetsuit company (or many companies period) that have not had issues somewhere when in business for a long time. We will always make good and everyone now has my personal email. In the last 2 years we have had less than 1% return rate.

Thank you

Brett said...

Hi Richard,

Please see my responses to your main points below:

1. Showing you’re ‘accessible’ by providing your personal email address –

I’ve had your personal email address for months and you have yet to ‘make good’. You either ignore my emails or say you’ll handle the discount ‘tomorrow’.

I’ve been waiting for this discount for 9 weeks. Your most recent email from 5 days ago said I would see the discount within 48 hours. Still no sign of this discount.

2. Admitting your company has had issues, like all companies do from time to time –

Your company's issue is that you seem not to care about customer service after payment has been made. Nineplus does very little to foster customer loyalty and trust.

I paid for a product that was not shipped to me (until I had to dispute the charge on my card 9 weeks after payment) and no one from Nineplus bothered to respond to my multiple customer service emails.

After I disputed the charge on my card, you FINALLY responded to me and said you'd send the product and refund me 50%. I agreed to this and removed the dispute. Another 9 weeks has passed and no refund.

3. You've been in business for 18 years –

I would think after that long you’d be able to properly ship your products. On the other hand, you seem to have no problem accepting payments.

4. Your return rate is less than 1% -

That’s because you make it impossible to return anything as you don’t respond to customer service emails that aren’t sales related.

Richard Balding said...

Hi Brettany,

I have checked your wetsuit order was placed on the 27th March via our website and payment is all set automatically via It then shipped on the 31st March. It was sent to a different address by USPS within Australia. (Not received back with us yet) You contacted us asking where your wetsuit was and we had by then sold out. A fresh 2014 delivery was due for arrival in May. I was involved as you were very upset and I asked another wetsuit to be sent to you as soon as it was possible and this was shipped on the 22nd May. I also upgraded your wetsuit to a 2014 model and offered a 50% refund as a gesture of goodwill for the delay. The 2nd wetsuit was delivered on the 26th May successfully..

Your card is not accepting refunds as we have tried around 15 times to do it. Accounts are emailing you directly. You can also email them on and also phone us on the different customer service phone numbers.

I receive around 500 emails per day. Sorry if I don't reply.

Thank you

Brett said...

It’s been yet another week and still no refund.

Your employee’s email said that the method she has been using cannot refund on a transaction that had previously been disputed. You obviously didn’t brief her on the situation. I advised her that she could try another method, such as PayPal. She agreed to refund via PayPal. Still no sign of this refund.

I should have been issued the refund on 26 May and it’s now 6 August.

Also, I’d like to clarify a few statements in your last response:

1. This is the first time I have heard this claim that the wetsuit was shipped on 31 March. When I finally got a Nineplus employee to respond to me on 2 May (after I had disputed the charge on my card), I was told that the wetsuit had NEVER BEEN SHIPPED. I was then given a tracking number, which turned out to be the tracking number of a different customer who lives over 1,000 km (almost 700 miles) away from me.

2. I live in Australia. If the first delivery had been sent to the wrong address, as you claim, it would NOT have been by USPS (United States Postal Service). It would have been by Australia Post. Could you please explain why USPS would be delivering a package within Australia? Furthermore, the package required signature. Therefore, if Australia Post had delivered it to the wrong address and someone other than the intented recipient had signed for it, you could file a claim with Australia Post and have then refund you due to their error.

3. I appreciated the offer of a 50% discount. However, you still haven’t honoured it.

Dylan Schacht said...

I ordered a nine plus wetsuit last Wednesday and now it's this Monday the following week and it still hasn't shipped... Should I be worried?

Aikausrf said...

I ordered a suit last week and no sign of shipment. I wanted the suit for the next couple weeks of colder water. Did you get your suit? I'm really worried by these reviews!

Aikausrf said...

I ordered a suit last week from the website and there has been no sign of shipment. Should I be worried? I don't want it in nine weeks