Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Asymetrichull

My new winter board is done, and I surfed it last night.  

I love it.

The belly is continued deeper through the tail, the foil is flattened a little in the tail to compensate for thickness flows being moved, and the asymetric tail is a trip.  Couldn't be happier to own this one!
Initial feelings are very very positive by everyone who rode it, best development is the ridonculous juice out of the bottom turn, extra buttery and VERY fast on rail...this one will be a permanent model for sure...the deck art is an Indian fabric inlay and I can't express how much I love this board :)


cash michael said...

you finding any issues with fin placement with it being asymetrichull and all?

DP said...

next level

Ryan said...

no issues at all with fin placement; the tail isnt THAT asymetrical, an 1/8" wider at the bac of the fin area on the round side to give it more curve, but other than that all the change is in the last 3-4"

mitch said...

Yer a freak. That fabric/pinline action is insane-ity. Totally awesomical.