Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Daily Drivers, Explained:

Here's something interesting I've been working on for a couple seasons now that I thought I'd share with you guys.  I was recently asked what I'm stoked on right now and aside from my alltime favorite board, the new paisley one, this is it.

What we've got goin' on here are hull curves and basics (rail line, s-deck, rails, rocker) fitting into a more user-friendly template for average waves..  This design/style is my board of choice in reef and beachbreaks normally.

They trim and bottom turn like a hull, full railed and fast (singlefins pushed up!!) but when you get back over the fin it turns like a modern singlefin.  It also allows a fair amount of snap off the top on a good section, and long, springy, connected roundhouses off the whitewater.

The bottom shape is a belly into rounded tri-plane with a double concave within, that transfers to single out the fin and tail, making the board easy and not sticky rail to rail, but fast when you dig that hull rail line into a bottom turn or lock into trim.  If you flatten off the tri-plane area in the nose and mid section into a harder edge, you're going to have a much quicker, skate-like feel (i'd suggest a twin fin setup at that point, like murray and mimmons).  The design is translating into pretty much everything I do these days, shorter stubby board share much of the shape, as do my bladed hulls...its becoming a very nice all around flow master that I'm very proud of!


jhall said...

thanks for the verbage, it was a good read. my kinda sled.

Ryan said...

been wanting to send something down your way lately actually....funny you like it, lets chat soon!

jhall said...

I'm in!