Monday, December 14, 2009

First New Model for 2010

This board really has nothing to do with there being a new year, and everything to do with experimentation and inspiration from old movies.

Trevor and I have been keen to shape something new and funky for a couple months since we finished his pintail, and after a 5'2 gull got ordered and shipped off to Japan, we found our starting point!  

We ended up with a 5'4" x 19 3/4" x 2 3/4" super nug, thats being dubbed the Gullet; it began with a Gull template, using the same arc-tail i've been using for 3 years, then we cut a foot out of it and narrowed her down, boxed up the rails, curved out the rocker a little, kept the s-deck and put a trusty and flowing tri-plane bottom on it to keep the hull flow and vibe going, while adding a whole lot of versatility in short and punchy waves. 

Still wearing our glassing duds, covered in dust and wreaking of resin, we packed the finished board into the van and drove about 200 yards as the crow flies from my shop to a top secret wave...The result is contained is here in T's first wave on it last week:

(video courtessy of Morg)

...Fast off the bottom, flowy, and more funk than September.

Trevor got his art-on with the art and we did a pretty intense thrift-store dress-shirt fabric inlay on the bottom...

pic from Brandon^

and a shot of the deck just 'cause I'm in the mood...

(watershot and above photo also from Morg)

I am floored about this board, the response from Trevor so far is really great and we had a great week of waves to test it in, lots of varrying conditions; I'm sold on it and will highly recommend it to anyone emailing me and asking for something hullish and uber fun but not a full-dedicated point wave board.

..This board is all about grooving and finding a fun and clean line...and I'm glad to introduce it as the first new model for next year!


dogleg said...

he rides that board very well!

Travis Harder said...

That board looks insane !
What size center fin are you using?

DanNad said...

Did you say board of the month

Rui said...

Very interesting board Ryan. I guess it would be perfect for my local beach break.

Ryan said...

thanks guys!
im really really pleased with this one, trevor's had some more fun days on it the past couple afternoons and has been riding it really really well...gotta get some new footage as he figures it out more!