Saturday, June 19, 2010

Globe Trotting x 2

Wwwwwwwwell im still in portugal, and im not gonna use any complex punctuation because all of the computer buttons here are different and im too tired to try...but here goes.

today i sampled some european waves and so far so good despite some serious onshore flow, the water is clean and the views from the lineup are incredible, so that helps! I finished building my travel board today that will stay here for the Wavegliders gang, so i get to try my new asym. tail and fin setup hull in the new waters of Peniche tomorrow...stoked to say the least!

The countryside is absolutely amazing here, the people are fantastic and life is super relaxed, despite having my orders more than doubled yesterday!! The wonderful people at Wallako Surfshop in France have ordered a bunch of boards which makes me a very happy shaper :) (check that out...advanced punctuation!).

and thats that for now!