Friday, June 4, 2010

Unnecessary Observations

(hull, rough shape)

I'm relatively out of the loop of the surf industry, so I don't know eeeeeverything, but I do learn after time and I'm learning now just how many people are machine shaping all of their boards...I'm blown away! I thought the majority of 'alternative boards' were hand shaped and I do realize that with more volume the machine comes in very handy if you don't have a helper (just think in the 60's and so on...there was way more than one shaper at a big name board house).

(same hull, finished)

I'm not speaking out against machine shaping, I'm just expressing my surprise at just how many well known 'alternative' guys rely on the machine and talk about how they craft things; machines are great tools but I'd be hard pressed to call it crafting anything.
Its a crazy world we live in!

and ps- I shaped my first full balsa board today (9'6 d.bowls), and RESPECT to the guys who built those day in and out back in the day as the 'standard'.


Hollow Daze said...

Even better are the shapers whose boards are ghost shaped by a machine in CHINA! I have just started shaping and glassing my own boards and have learned how much effort goes into handcrafting. Boards should have labels on 'em to let consumers know the difference. By the way, my word verification to leave a comment was "sessed". Nice.

El Hefe said...

"You may not like what you find" Dr Zaius