Monday, October 18, 2010

Perfecting the 24 Hour Road Trip

First do some work to relive whatever guilty residue you may acquire from a thoroughly un-planned wednesday afternoon,
a 5' kneeboard will do the trick:

Then, keep your eyes on the horizon and find some waves..........................this is key.

Get at least one set wave, relax with your friends on the beach, and finish your evening with some fooding.

Then go see your outrageous friend's debut show at a seedy back alley, upstairs, UBER hip club and proceed to jam the F*CK out:

Sleep, or walk around Hollywood blvd. 'till the wee hours of the night.
In the morning, take Herbie to meet a new friend named Brutus who weighs in at around 120lbs...Yah thats 10 Herbies:

Eat something healthy, and enjoy the drive back home.............

ps- Don't mention Jason's issue with crumbs, it might give him a complex.

1 comment:

Jason A said...

Love the top board profile and bottom contour SWEET