Friday, October 22, 2010


When I got into hulls I knew I found my love within surfing, it just fealt right on the shaping racks, in my arms, and in the water was a whole new realm of possiblities. I loved the idea and the application and feel so much I knew it would keep my head busy for a long time.

I never wanted to change hulls or the ideals or style, they are perfect. I just set out on a course to find out what else I can infuse with the same theories and foils to appease my curiosity for the shape.

What ended up happening was one board that has spawned nearly every hull model that I list on my website, and it the base point for most boards that are put together on the spot for fun. The board is question, and pictured below, is 6'5" x 23" x 2 7/8" if I remember correctly. It was based off of a Greenough template with a slightly pulled in nose and tail with a very slight hip at the back foot/front of the fin. It was fully hulled out, with thin rails and a very hard edge and down rail in the tail for some release.

(OG #1)

After surfing that board for a full winter, I decided the second version should be more pulled in, a little longer, and have more freedom off the back foot; so the Fishull was born.

(Fishull #1)

I kept the hip, hard edge, slightly down pinched rails, low rocker, hulled out with a single to double concave from the front foot through the tail. Essentially what I was doing was building my own kind of transitional hulls with modern tweaks for more release and response if you crank one off the back foot. That 6'7" has been my goto board for the last two years now if I don't know what the conditions are gonna be doing.

This small thread of evolution within my own experience will, i'm sure, shape the future of what I do.

Here is a new 6'3 Fishull that'll be kicking around the shop and the local points as a demo board for the winter:

Loving the curves on this one as it haunts me in the shop before the waves come again.....


Vyusher La Kali said...

I love this one! The black fish returns!

A. Swanson said...

fishhull = magic