Saturday, November 20, 2010

Party People

A rainy, cold, flat day like today seems like the perfect time to unveil the most stoke-generating shape I've put together in a whiiiiile........

6'5" x 20" x 2 3/4" of foam, widepoint forward and a drawn out, narrow tail...triplane nose and mid section to keep the hull rail line but add some looseness and slip, then exiting with a double concave to spiral vee. Low all-around rocker with a slight flip in the nose and pinched-down rails that are a bit larger in radius than usual in order to slow the thing down a little.
This puppy is shaped for solid drops and heavy tubes around the SB area; What I wanted to shape was a really good solid-wave board that could be used on small days but had all the right ingredients for the big stuff also.

I'm gonna make Connor and Trevor and I one for deeper water excursions.
Its time for winter!