Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rotule Downhillin'

On a 100% chance encounter via a website called and a few friendly neighborhood friends of mine, we met a crew of like-minded builders, who are downhill longboarders. They have a DH skate company in Quebec, Canada and are on a road trip from there, across the US to San Diego and all the way back, around the edges and through the middle of the country to sample America's finest in curvy and steep stretches of pavement. is their site, we got to take them into the mountains yesterday to have a little go at some turns that had stuck in our minds as particularly intense on a recent drive north...Much more to come, Kent and I shot for 4 hours plus, but here's a small sample from the day.

These guys were charging full slides at 40mph...
We drove behind them down the mountain for this last one.


dogleg said...

damn. i would hurt me.

Above the City said...

Can't wait for the video!!