Monday, December 26, 2011


Korduroy does more for small guys like me than anyone I could think to name, it has grown right in front of our eyes from day one and continues to thrive as an independent...thing..
I've seen the new site and whats involved is mindblowing, what will come from it's next iteration will be a beautiful mix of everything we've come to rely on them for, infused with posi-surf steroids and tons of resources for guys like me to make a bigger impact, and at the same time help thrive. I can't wait.

I'm brewing my own Kickstarter campaign in the next few weeks and am so stoked the Cyrus and the crew at Korduroy are on the ball with this project and are bettering what is already so amazing!

Korduroy is an outstanding resource for all of us so if you've got even $5 click on the link and do it to it, you'll even get some stuff in return. If they don't reach their goal, they don't get any moolah, so pay it forward, friends :)

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