Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Phat P1gz

5'8" x 19 7/8ish x 2 1/2ish...Trevor and I have been wanting to make a high performance twin for a while now after we built the Fush, so here she is! Trevor dubbed it the Piggybacker.

I like flowing curves so I didn't make any extreme wings or bumps in the outline, a subtle pull that that does what you are after [to me] is much more challenging but offers a drastically smoother line on the wave:

T has been doing bunches of paintings lately inspired by tribal/native american art, super cool stuff, I now own a shirt that he painted with two dudes roasting one kine pig on a fire. win.

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Jason A Gonzalez said...

yup that is super rad - I need to bring by my circa '79 C.I tri plane hull twinny for repair soon - think you will like what you see if you are kicking out boards like this.