Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Roundpins and Groundwins

When I left australia this summer I had to ditch my trustiest surfboard, Siddartha (my original yellow v.Bowls), due to a $350 board bag fee that I juuuust couldn't swallow.  I knew i'd have to replace it as I can't be without a v.Bowls, its just wrong; Yesterday I cashed in my chips and finished up the new 8'er i've been waiting for.  I went for the roundpin this time, though.  After shaping so many of them in NJ and France last month I couldn't resist; it's unquestionably the best tail template for Santa Barbara and the curves just look oh so right meshed with the widepoint-backness of the v.B.

I've been getting pelted with emails with orders for v.Bowls for the past few months and the reviews keep pouring in; I've heard many times now that people struggled the first handful of sessions until they stopped trying to ride it like a hull, and stepped back on the board; THATS the key to most of my shapes. Work them from the wide-point; I foil all of my boards in a very specific balance that puts all of the speed and control around the widepoint. 

So if you've got a v.Bowls and you're figuring it out, take a step back and hang on...

"...Then, about a month ago, while enjoying a family day at the beach, I
took a break from building sand castles and paddled out.  For whatever
reason, I found myself standing a little bit further back than I had
previously, and the thing just took off.  It set itself in effortless
trim and glided through and arround sections just like I'd wanted from
the beginning.  Turns and cutbacks are dreamlike.   I have since
ridden it almost exclusively (except one day when my arms were just
too tired from a previous V.bowls session, and I could only paddle the
11'er).  It works in so many different conditions-- I don't miss my
hull anymore."



Tyler Jones said...

I gotta try one of these!

Michael Kew said...

v.Bowls article is forthcoming in Deep magazine and Peathead!

Cheyne said...

I remember telling u the same thing.... Still love mine and want another! It's amazing what this board does.... It's always in my truck and ready!

Seay said...

I couldn't have said it better, myself;)