Friday, August 31, 2012

On it!

not having internet access at home has its ups and downs, 90% ups, but a large part of the 10% down is the lack of blogging ability.  I do have to say it's fantastic to be more removed than ever from cyberspace, though I'm sure I'm missing some funny pictures and whatnot...

But either way, the shop hasn't changed too much aside from the piles of boards going in and out of the doors; orders are sky high in the slowest time of the year for me, so winter is looking promising, what a blessing to pay my bills and spend my days making water toys!

If you've got any interest and wanna come out and see whats going on at the shop these days, my doors are open as ever, come collect some dust to take home, I'm more than happy to share.

Current news is as such:

Trevor is headed to Russia right now with a host of amazing surfers, Chadd is helping build a school and surfing his brains out in central america, v.Bowls are taking over the world according to my order book, and I'm at the shop 6 days a week and I'm looking for a good chiropractor.

Bingo Bango, you're up to date :)

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DanSan said...

I wish I could pop in Ryan...if I was still on the west coast I would...however, I am so jazzed that you are gonna shape me a vbowls..yeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww!