Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summatime and Leon Russel

The summertime lows in Santa Barbara are always a difficult endeavor.

If you're not keen on driving expanses for each surf, your options are limited and quite often times infuriating if your hopes were high at all.  This normally marks a shift in my business and who I build boards for; summer is a time for people who are traveling through and want to pick up a board from me, or the wave-rich down south or north (or anywhere but here).  Normally summer is slow for that reason, Santa Barbara sleeps...This time though, not so much.  My shop is absolutely slammed with boards right now and its only getting better, there are SO many boards going through my hands at the moment I'm going nuts.  Its beyond comprehension; v.Bowls', v.Bottoms, Rabbits Feet, Piggybacks (below), one-off custom shapes, you name it, its going on right now.  I'll do my best to take photos of the madness as it progresses, but its been so much that my blogging has slowed.  Plus I do not have internet at home (what a blessing, you should try it!) so please excuse the lack of share, I'll work on it...    

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reverb said...

...hello man, I see your link in Swaylocks and clicked;
I read the post about the dot in the lamination; I do not know the story but yes many copy cats with these lately glassing color works.
The problem is that they do not follow a path; they do not even think about it; most are less than 30 years, so they born in a different kind of society, no matter the country; all is fashion, some think they put skinny pants, vans and a tight t shirt and is extra cool instantly. Happened with the other tribe with the white/clear boards with the "right" logotype and their fashion, that by the way, is the surf fashion that rules round the globe, sadly.
-other guy who shape the "royal" brand started to play with these color combos and I encouraged him couple of times to find his way, his style with that in he found it pretty good.

I think you found it too and in a rapid way
-no escape from the copy cats, no matter the style