Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Thick Lizzy

Prototype at 7'10 from mid winter 2015

Thick Lizzy from Ryan Lovelace on Vimeo.

My favorite round pin template used as the nose and tail template to make an identical 50/50 outline.  glider style 70/30 down rails, triplane bottom with deep double concave through the tail.  Was going for a mini-glider kinda thing, with lots of hold and bite on the rail to handle steeper sections - have always liked more foiled out glider type boards, and this proved a good time to explore one.  Vs. the v.bowls - Thick Lizzy rides high on the water's surface and planes out faster in lower-quality surf; can also be cheater-fived for miles.  We've found it to be a good compliment to the v.bowls as a longer alternative with a different approach to rail line and foil distribution.


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Dr.José Ramón Larrañaga said...

Hi Ryan,
I recently bought a thick lizzy 7,8 that you made for crd motorcycles in Spain. Could you tell me what fins set do you recommend to this board?