Saturday, December 20, 2008

Enjoying This

Rey Fresco - Fairlie (Live) from LUSTER on Vimeo.

Rey Fresco - Fairlie


warm jet said...

very cool.
love the tonal mix of his voice and the harp. and the harp player does a god job of not going overboard. he's basically rhythm guitar.

The Joey Parker Movement said...

Rey Fresco is such a great band! I cant wait to go to their album release party on October 30th at the Ventura Theater! I got my tickets at Also yesterday I was on and saw they are letting their fans download a song "Precious TIme" for free! Its a really good song!

Laura said...

Joey! The release party is on the 31st! It's a Halloween Monster Mash party! Should be great hope to see you guys there.