Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sliver Me Timbers

H. came out yesterday while I shaped his new 5'7 stubby...these aren't your normal stub dimensions, but it looks oh so right! 5'7" x 20" x 2 1/4"

The stringer is double tapered from the center to the nose and tail; from 3/16" to 0", the total length of the wood is 3'.
The idea here is to see if we can get the whole board to load up and release down the line instead of just the tail doing the work...Figure there is almost 6' of board under you, if you can get all of that working with you and loading line a bow (bow and arrow style), it could get interesting.

The same result is what I am going for in my Paulownia railed boards depending on the shape; if it's a hull or more flow-oriented board the rails will be tapered from the center, nose to tail depending on the widepoint of the board and where it is going to be ridden from...we're looking for a very very lively and intuitive flex.


Le Vyusher said...

Do Tell. What is this thing!

ridgeback said...

ryan- just a note to say i dawn patrolled jalama the other day and ended up surfing with another happy customer. "k" and i were out alone in really fun surf, my red pc keel and his yellow pc quad and both super stoked. thanks again

warm jet said...

got to say i'm loving Sutho right now.
eventhough i'm not traditional hulling it at the moment, i got some nice chest high drainers on it today.
that super blade in a steep face is a joy!
had to stick a 10" fin in her but she likey!

Ryan said...

LV-thats Hiten's new machine! its actually gonna change a LOT on this one...going to an artist friend whos gonna do it up!

J-Glad you guys had fun on the fishies at jalama, was hoping K was getting time to work that thing out.

WJ-sutho is a pretty special little board, i cant tel you how stoked I am on th photos from the other day!!