Monday, December 29, 2008


I'm pleased to present to you the Evo new fishy that was hacked out of the first board I ever shaped; It was an extremely cathartic experience re-shaping the exact piece of foam that was the first I had ever set 50-grit and a screen to.

The colors are a mix of new and old...the original board was black and red, so I decided to keep in the spirit but do the nose in solid black to keep up with the resin work that I've been enjoying lately.

It's safe to say that this board has a bit of everything I've learned and applied to board building within it:

Deckside ^

10-ply Baltic Birch double foiled keels...molded lokbox bases for ultra-coolness, I built these the afternoon before I finished the board.
The template was drawn from the leading edge of my favorite singlefin, the rest freeform.

Arse end ^

Nose Job^

8oz volan/6oz deck + White pigment = Opaque

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