Sunday, March 1, 2009


Hey Everyone!
I'm really sorry for the absence as of late; My computer crashed (still in the shop...) late last week and I ran away to the great rocky north for a secret surf/camping assault.
For anyone with a board on order at the moment, I'm really sorry that communication has slowed; Boards are going to be pushed back a tad because of some recent family events, I'll be in Texas for the next week taking care of a few things, but shaping will resume very very very shortly when I get back to the shack and start foiling out all these hulls :).

in the meantime ill try to post a few new photos from the weekend up north, and maybe Morgan will send some photos (and/or video??? hint hint...) of She Hull in Oz!


El Hefe said...

Good luck with everything buddy. I can't wait to see some footy from Austalia.

Courtney said...

Better late than never... I just posted some pics of Ryan at work and also our trip camping and surfing on my travel blog... My brother Devon and I came to visit Ryan in SB and tagged along for some adventures... Here are the links:


pics of ryan at work-

We had an epic time in Cali... thanks Ryan.