Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Day At The Races

Today's agenda went as so:
Shape 2 unbelievably bladey hulls
Eat Pizza with the Albers, Lightner, Trevor and Morgan
Watch Albers make a peanut butter sandwich
Pack up Ice Cream fish, Vampire Hull and Dead Sled; and go for a surf when the wind died wit Albers...rinse and repeat tomorrow:

Part 1 of a 25 frame sequence...Albers + Dead Sled

Ice Cream fish + Albers = Layback Hack

photos: Shafer


the dirtiest hippy said...

can you delete the layback pic? embarassing

Surfsister said...

Oh, to be the owner of a She-Hull. Must be nice!

I'm anxious to try one, get one, have one . . . be one (?).

Flossy said...

hahahaha NICE layback K Dub!! give in to the dark slide--resistance is futile!!!

Ryan said...

i happen to like that layback...so no. no i wont delete it!!!!

maybe i should post the rest of the 6 shot sequence for you?

Gilda said...

kooky time

Gilda said...

kooky time

pushingtide said...

Hey check the Rincon blog....i think i spy the ice cream fishy

Ryan said...

you also spy dead sled being slot piloted by kookymonster in the last photo :)