Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mid-month reminder!

Just wanted to throw out a reminder to everyone, and a note to anyone who didn't catch it the first time around;
This month's bro-deal board is the She hull, 'till the end of this month custom She's are 'trimmed' (get it? hulls...trim...trimmed...get it?? ha!) down to $450.

Already got a few in the works for some fine, fine blogging friends, next month with be a surprise and a little change of pace, so shoot me an email if you wanna chat about my favorite She in the world!

Photo Morgan


Bogus said...

when can we expect handguns?

knots said...

Aloha Ryan, Will ya ship to NJ???

Ryan said...

ive shipped a few boards out that way recently...also to japan, so yes, yes i will :)

Lightgnar said...

i already want another 3