Sunday, November 22, 2009

Twofer Reviews

Getting lots and lots of epic emails lately, here's two from the past few boards that have been posted...

Pete's Quadsim:

Ryan~ stoked on the velo/sim/quad!!! It seems that Cardiff Reef is the testing ground for your new boards down this way.  I got some head waves down there today with some good ol' buddies. 

First wave was a little weird but then second, third....the board came alive under my feet!  I could not believe the speed down the line...the drive off the bottom...the acceleration from turn to turn...outrageous! I had so much f**ing FUN! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I really enjoyed the liveliness of the stringer-less foam. My favorite moment of the sess, was when I grabbed rail...cutback...and was blown away at the amount of speed it generated...i mean insane...i came back at the white wash so fast i did not even have a chance to rebound of the wash. that little board lit up my day. thank you so much. i cannot wait to get some more waves on it!!
all the best!

and Nathan's modified T-Rev:

What can I say? Two sessions in on the new 5'5" round-tail quad, and it's already my favorite board I've ever owned. It's super loose and flow-y, and yet it screams down the line when it's time to get moving. It rockets out of bottom turns. It's exactly what I wanted for going backside at the points: sensitive off the back foot, loves to go up at the lip and comes around quick, gets into waves with plenty of speed, and has plenty of foam to carry me. I surfed a local right-hand reef this morning in chest high waves and had so much fun--best session in a long time. I'm just getting started on this board; it's already allowing me to go places I want to go in an instant, but I can tell that riding it is going to make me a better surfer. Can't wait to surf it in big waves. Thank you for investing in your gift. You know what you're doing.

...kinda makes being covered in dust and resin every day worth it :)
both of their boards are posted below, and HAPPY SUNDAY!


Trevor said...

so much has gone down my friend... boy am i hungry

Ryan said...

yah i heard you got atacked by a reef fin whilst getting pitched...your brobro told me when we were getting pitted at me when you kids are back!