Thursday, November 5, 2009

Why are my hulls so bladed?

Okay, my hulls are necessarily THIN, thickness wise, but they are very bladed on a regular basis, and this is why.

Take a foiled hull (im sorry my mini-model is PERFECT, but it'll illustrate this for me just fine).  Full S-Deck, rolled bottom, 50/50 rails, everything is good times:

The long line across the board depicts the waterline/flow on an average burried bottom turn, the dots are your foot placement more or less, the point at which your force is applied:  

A cross section of that line, the water's path and the shape that it flows around then, is a basic hydrodynamic your fin's foil.  It creates lift and DRIVE:

When you put your hull on rail, when foiled well and the elements are placed correctly, your board becomes a lift generating foil.  The more prescise your foil is (entry foil is your nose rail, exit foil is the thickness of your tail), the more efficient your board is, the more is effectively displaces water and creates lift...


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Rui said...

Very interesting reading Ryan.
I have to try one soon.

Take care