Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Website Update!

Okay, enough with the pretty pictures (i lie...there's more coming tonight...).

There are some updates on the PC website if you care to check it out, new models added in the Glider section (D.bowls and Miniglider) and a new Stub also (Pinky).  There is new info in the ordering section for you international guys, too!
I've hooked up with some wonderful people abroad who want to spread the PC seed, and now will be taking custom orders all over Europe.
Boards can be shaped by me and mailed over, or to save you guys some $, they can be shaped in the UK by new crew member Tim Mason, a well respected hull fanatic!  

I couldn't be happier with the new changes, but all in all, its more the same than ever :)


Stu said...

I hate missing all the fun...cheers...stoked for you

Ryan said...

you never missed anything, you're a huge reason i've been able to keep at this the past few years!!