Saturday, April 23, 2011


(t.revor gordon, last week)

Funny, how every year the opportunity for progression of surfboards and self seem to grow; I always wonder if that will have been the most productive and joyous year to date; if the energy will soon dissipate.
Then the unthinkable happens, without fail. That next step/occurrence/year blows it away. It's unrelenting.
I'm starting to think that age/time is quite relative, it's all an expanding timeline of progress and learning; maybe we should stop celebrating every year, and celebrate every day instead.

Be Present.

(frame-grabs courtesy of Michael Kew)
...Feels like climbing a ladder that only gets more stable the farther we get away from the ground. The earth is a good reference point below you, but the only experience that truly matters is the rung that we find ourselves grasping in this exact moment. It's your choice to climb, stop, or retreat back to earth.

and away, friends.

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