Thursday, April 7, 2011


This is an excercise in surfboards and creativity as much as it is me finding my way as I grow in each detail of my life.

Life is bursting equally with difficulties as it is with opportunity the past couple months; dynamic equilibrium is an interesting thing and it will ultimately keep us sane and well.

Since day one this has been about constant change and progression of self and craft. Nothing more nothing less, and that's what it will come back to again. I've made a small misstep in trust and judgement, its hard and painful but in the grand scheme I'm glad that I did. Lessons learned are the deepest and I seem to only learn in that one and only way. What I preach I have experienced, and I take each lesson happily and openly even if it feels like it's costing my life and sanity.

Never make decisions out of fear or self doubt. If you do it, do it for you, by you, with you, and share your gifts and lessons with the people you hold dear. If you're worth a grain of salt, your gift and effort will be 10 fold in value to someone else. Don't doubt you or your capabilities; you get to make your destiny happen with a decision today, EVERY day.

There is a time to let people in and a time to listen to your gut. Don't let a second pass by in complacency. If relaxation is your goal, relax like a motherf*cker and feel it. Own it.

If you want to make a change, a thing, a connection, a disconnection or experience, tangible or not...just something, something in your head or your heart,





Rui said...

we all make mistakes and as long as we're smart enough to learn from them, everything will be ok.
Take care

Nick said...

that board looks sick! it's gonna be a fun glassing job :P

Jono said...
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turtle said...

giving us a glimpse into your heart and your head here takes courage. especially when there're bumps in the path and flats to connect. "balance" is key, and with lines like that,(pc)progress imminent.

Twyla Dill said...

Thank you.

Eef said...

everything will turn out fine! Stand tall!